The below information is intended to help our candidates prepare for each step of the interview. Please note that the example questions are examples only and may not be the exact questions asked in the actual interview process.

The interview process

Our hiring managers work with their assigned recruiter to create an optimal interview plan for their role. Below is an example. All steps in bold are strongly encouraged.

All role-specific interview processes are documented at the end of each job description. We strive for consistency across all interviews.

Structured interview questions

We ask structured questions for all interviews, meaning that all candidates are asked the same questions in an effort to reduce bias and to even the playing-field. The interview may be recorded so that we can focus on the candidate, not taking notes, and ensure that we're delivering a great interview experience. If a candidate prefers not to be recorded during the interview, they can let us know—the structure of the interview and decision-making process will remain the same and the decision not to be recorded will have no weight on their candidacy.

Universal interviews

All departments are likely to have some or all of the below universal interview stages:

Recruiter Screen