Our long-term mission is to make it so everyone codes.

Software affects everything and everyone, but only a small subset of the population is able to build software today. We want to give everyone the power to influence the world by making it so everyone codes.

Even pro devs find it too damn hard to build software because tools don’t understand the whole system. Every new dev tool seems to just add complexity rather than bring context and understanding of the whole system. We founded Sourcegraph on the idea that modern software development requires a deep understanding of code and the ability to manage complexity.

It will take a long time to achieve our mission. For now, we help pro devs code better and faster. By building tools for pro devs that simplify coding, we’re figuring out how to make it possible for everyone to build software in the future —and speeding up technological progress today.We will work toward our long-term mission by:


Dev love:

Everything we do is ultimately for devs (anyone who codes). Every dollar we earn comes from devs trying, using, loving, fighting for, and sharing our product. All Sourcegraph teammates code to better understand our users and customers and to do their jobs better (in ways that make sense for their role). Our long-term mission is to make it so everyone codes, not just the 0.1% of the world’s population who are devs—just like universal literacy.

High agency:

If all Sourcegraph teammates, except for one, got stranded on a desert island without internet access for a month, we know that person would figure out how to keep Sourcegraph running and serving our customers. We are self-motivated. Everyone here has a high degree of autonomy and freedom, which requires hard work, responsibility, initiative, fast iteration, and optimism in the face of challenges. We think and act like owners of our work and hold each other accountable to do the same so we can do the best work of our lives.

Win together:

Each of us is an owner here in two ways: of our work and of the company (as team members and shareholders). We all win only if the entire company wins, which calls for the right balance of collaboration and ownership. Too little collaboration causes chaos and brings disappointing results. Too much collaboration crushes ownership and dulls outcomes. As owners of the company, we speak up when something is wrong (even when it’s hard) and help create an environment where we respectfully consider every voice.

Direct & transparent:

We communicate directly and operate transparently (internally) by default, which helps us move fast and make good decisions. We proactively give and receive candid feedback out of respect for each other. We respond positively to directness and transparency because the alternative is worse: not hearing feedback, waiting longer to hear the same information, or having less valuable input into a decision. We are willing to disagree and commit.

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