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Impact Reviews Explained

We create a high-performance culture at Sourcegraph by providing continuous, actionable, and direct feedback, both informally and formally. While we expect our Managers to provide ongoing feedback with Teammates year-round in 1:1 meetings and informally, we also provide formal feedback via our annual “impact review” process, which takes place in February.

The purpose of this handbook page is to outline our formal annual feedback review process, known as “impact reviews.” We refer to our annual review process as “impact reviews” because they reveal the impact that you are making here at Sourcegraph.

To read more about how we provide continuous feedback and our performance improvement plan (PIP) process, please see our Teammate Development page.

What is an impact review?

Our impact review process follows the 360-degree feedback model, which is a performance evaluation method where feedback is gathered from multiple sources, including self-review, peers, and supervisors, and direct reports (if applicable). The benefit of this model is that it provides a more well-rounded and comprehensive view of a teammate's performance and behavior. It takes into account multiple perspectives and can provide insights into areas for improvement that the teammate may not be aware of. Additionally, it can help to increase self-awareness and provide a more accurate assessment of a teammate's strengths and weaknesses. By including feedback from different levels and areas of the organization, the 360-degree feedback model can provide a more accurate and objective evaluation of a teammate's performance and help foster a culture of continuous improvement and development.

Who is eligible for a review/compensation increase?

When do impact reviews take place?

Formal performance reviews take place once a year aligning with our promotion and compensation review cycles.

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