We pay competitively and above the market average in order to attract the best possible talent from around the globe and reward teammates for the work that they do. We believe that having the best team will allow us to achieve our strategy and goals. We are committed to keeping compensation competitive, merit-based, and non-discriminatory, to make sure all teammates have a financial stake in the success of Sourcegraph and that strong performance is rewarded.

Pay philosophy overview

Generous: We want to pay more competitively than most companies, so we leverage aggregate data from thousands of technology companies based in zone 1 - the high cost of labor zone (using Radford salary survey data and/or external compensation experts). We then compensate all teammates at the 75th percentile of their respective salary band as a starting point. This means that teammates can expect to be paid above average while working at Sourcegraph. Salary bands are determined based on 1) role 2) level and 3) location.

Performance-based: We pay for performance in order to motivate and retain our teammates. We reward strong performance through merit increases, promotions, annual equity refreshes, and spot bonuses. You can read more about our merit process here. Read more about how we create a high performance culture here.

Zone-based: We have a zone-based location pay model to ensure we’re paying competitively and building the right team to be able to reach our goals fast. When a hiring manager opens a new role, they specify which locations they’re open to in the job description. To determine our compensation ranges for each zone, we identify the 75th percentile of US tech company market data in high cost of labor zones (zone 1) only, and establish this as the entry point for our zone 1 salary band. In order to simplify our compensation philosophy, we determine our other three location-based zones as a % of zone 1.

Transparent: We provide visibility into all roles, levels, and location-based zones via job descriptions and Assemble. This means that every teammate can see the salary bands for all roles across the company. Salary transparency enables accountability for all compensation decisions (hiring, promotions, merit) and ensures parity across location, levels and performance.

Other components of compensation

In addition to providing a competitive base salary, we offer: