Being an all-remote company without entities outside of the US yet, we adopt different ways of engaging talent across the world. Here we outline the different ways we do this outside of the US, and the considerations and limitations associated with each type, for hiring managers and referring teammates to be aware of.

Employees of Sourcegraph subsidiaries (once available)

Once we form them, we will be able to hire teammates outside the US as employees of Sourcegraph subsidiaries within available countries.


Sourcegraph subsidiary employees will sign an employment agreement with the Sourcegraph subsidiary as required by local employment laws.


Sourcegraph subsidiary employees will receive employee benefits in accordance with our handbook and local employment laws.


The Sourcegraph subsidiary will pay these employees directly in their local currency.


Sourcegraph subsidiary employees go through team-specific onboarding.

Employees of PEOs/EORs (if available)

In countries where we don’t have a subsidiary, we will see if our current partner and third-party PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or EOR (Employer of Record), Deel/), is available to employ a teammate outside the US as a PEO employee.

The Talent team and hiring managers carefully assess these exceptional cases where a PEO/EOR may be required, and engage the People Ops team to chat about the merit of the case early on, as our current partner, Deel, may not be able to support us in all countries.

Read more about Deel here.


Teammates who are employed via EOR or PEO will receive an employment agreement directly from the EOR/PEO. The EOR/PEO will act as the direct employer as they are incorporated in the particular country where we are hiring the teammate.

Benefits, allowances and expenses

PEO employees will receive employee benefits in accordance with local employment laws.