I (Quinn Slack) am the CEO of Sourcegraph. This page describes my responsibilities and how to get what you need from me. It's intended to be helpful to our team and as a linkable reference to answer common questions (I don't expect everyone to memorize this page).

My personal site is slack.org.


See Roles of the CEO.

I work with:


Scheduling time with me

Contact Connor O'Brien (Chief of Staff to the CEO) to schedule time with me.

If possible, let's talk asynchronously and publicly.

My most common working hours are 07:30–17:30 US Pacific Time, but I am regularly available at times that overlap more with other timezones.

Asking for a review from me

If you need me to review something (such as a blog post or plan), please state:

This is to avoid me jumping in and making low-level wording fixes when you're looking for high-level strategy input.

If the document to be reviewed isn't private, please post the review request with the context above publicly. Other people involved may have relevant context of their own to share.

If you want me to publish it under my name, try to follow my writing style.

Asking me to send an email